Project 3: THIS NEEDS CINEMA HELP, BUT… animation attempt

This is totally messed up in terms of scale and movement, but I just put it together to get an idea of what it needs and to keep it moving. I am going to ask Marco for Cinema help this Tuesday!

Project 3: Enter the New Idea

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 3.48.42 AM I watched Enter the Void tonight. So good. I wanna know how they made every scene. Definitely made me think about having all the animations in my Project 3 “Shapes” (the live action one) go into and come out of each other. One of the animations ends with the sphere going into the camera. i wanna use that effect throughout. Really cool film.

Project 4: Styleframes

01 02 03
Here are style frames for PROJECT 4, the square to square animation.


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