EDITS EDITS EDITS!! (in progress)


This is the feedback I got yesterday, the main of which is to animate Jay (formerly known as Scarfy).

1. Too much snow.
2. Snow on mountain should melt off toward back, curving.
3. Trees should all be consistent in how leafs grow.
4. Grass too crabby.
5. Water should expand and woosh / spill off the sides (summer to fall).
6. Make leafs on bottom of the island move slightly.
7. Move anchor points of ice screams to below the stick of each.
8. Too many clouds; reduce to beginning and end.
9. Have the summer sun appear with clouds and have him push away the clouds to appear.
10. Remove “sweat” from his teeth, no other typography in the video.
11. Have the ice screams melt into the pool and faces distort.
12. Fall wind cloud should break up after it blows Jay away.
13. Auto-orient island through the infinity symbol in the logo.
14. Write out “Mister” and “.com” at the end

1. Animate him.
2. Have him look at trees as they grow.
3. Have him walking around (spring) and end up in center before being dropped in summer pool.

Mister Loop.com Spot (Draft 1)


Here is a draft of the spot in full. Still need to add lines throughout like the style frames (in the water and on the ice scream melting, and him sweating.)

Spring scene sans Scarfy (for now)

This is what the spring scene will look like. Scarfy will be added in, and so will the transition from winter BEFORE and AFTER to summer. I have to figure out how to make Scarfy move around the island. Puppet tool? I haven’t used it, but I can look up tutorials. I am going to save the clay for the next project. I think this one fairs better as a drawn cartoon.

Loops: Animatic V2

Here is the animatic cut down to 30 seconds, and also changed so there’s no new tree in Fall…

Final Style Frames & Animatic





First version of the animatic:

Scarfy is back…. now which style frame? (Winter)



Glacier or island floating in space? I like the glacier, because the whole Loop concept is about the changing of the four seasons and it would be fun to move the island along the water and have the background changing with the seasons as well. #letsdothis

New Style Frame


This style frame is a combo of what I have done so far. I think it will be a lot of fun to animate.



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